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Mystical Participants 

~ Keynote Speaker ~

​Dr. Mark Armstrong founded the Ahimki Center for Wholeness, Inc. in 1995. The name “Ahimki” is the combination of the Sanskrit word ahimsa (harmlessness toward life) and ki (universal life force); his mission statement says it all: “Ahimki” is a word which symbolizes our commitment to honor the sacredness of all life, and our respect for the vital force that flows through all living creatures. We seek to teach and heal, and thereby express our love for Mankind, the Earth, and the Infinite Universe.” Dr. Mark believes that we must “grow our souls” and has been committed and driven to his own personal development and spiritual growth. His focus on education and training has resulted in meeting his goal in providing a “laser” approach to health and wellness.

Dr. Mark Armstrong’s education, training and studies include: a Bachelor of Science in Ergonomics/Health Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara; Advanced studies in acupuncture – California Acupuncture College – Santa Barbara, California; and much, much more. Please check his website for more information.

Dr. Mark has a strong belief in community holistic health education and has provided educational seminars to churches, colleges/universities, corporations, and small businesses. He has presented and lectured at three Whole Life Expos in Georgia. Through the Ahimki Institute of Holistic Theology, the facility provides a naturopathic education program. In honor of Mark Armstrong’s service to his clients and community, a proclamation was issued by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners proclaiming November 16, 2002 as “Ahimki Center for Wholeness Day.”

In January of 2012, Mark Armstrong successfully completed the Floating Monk Teacher Training Program, earning the title of Sifu Mark Armstrong. Sifu Mark was trained by Sifu Jeff who is an Enter the Gate Disciple of Grand Master Henry Poo Yee certified in Black Sash Sifu in Qigong and Kung Fu.

Phone: (770) 552-4242
Address: 555 Sun Valley Drive, Roswell, GA, 30076
Email: Mark.Armstrong@AHIMKI.net
Website: www.ahimki.net

​ Sound Therapy

Astarius Miraculii will offer Sound Transmissions and Ascension Wisdom on how to use positive attitudes to transform negative circumstances and how to allow The MOST HIGH to be your Champion and make the trials of life servant unto your Empowerment.  “It is Wise not to despise it – Use the dung to fertilize it – For life’s greatest connoisseur – Gets the best crops from the best manure”.

Astarius Miraculii is a sound healer, astrologer, author, poet and reiki master teacher. He has written two books and recorded 19 transformational CDs including the legendary “Spirit Rap”.  He has been featured on radio, television and has done presentations for schools, churches, correctional institutions and drug programs. His videos have been viewed on YouTube more than a million times.

Phone: (928)254-9535

Email: amiraculii@gmail.com
Website: www.astarius.com  
Check:  www.youtube.com/user/astarius26     


​Rekhit Kajara Nia Yaa is the founder of RA SEKHI ARTS TEMPLE. She is the Author of four books: Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Level 1, Kemetic Reiki Level 2, Ligt as a Feather and I Get Energy from the Sun. Rekhit Kajara is a Heal Thyself Ambassador of Wellness, Medicine Woman, Priestess, Community Activist, Afrikan Holistic Health Consultant, Spiritual Warrior, Sacred Woman, Educator, Mother, Tree hugger and Nature lover who has dedicated her life to promote health, wellness and natural living to our community.

She has been practicing and teaching womb wellness and energy healing for over 15 years. She is a natural healer as well as a teacher of all ages for over 20 years sharing lessons in health, wellness, women’s health, black history, yoga, and metaphysical sciences. She is also an artist and entrepreneur, who has traveled the US sharing her handmade jewels for over 20 years.

Mut Kajara Nebthet was raised in Chicago. She healed herself intuitively at the age of 16 using a technique which is called reiki. She received a Bachelor of Social Science from Florida State in 1993. During her time in college she committed herself in working to uplift Black people.  She started her own business Nia Designs, in 1991, for which she made and sold jewelry at festivals and to stores on the East Coast and Midwest. She taught in African centered schools between 1993 and 2000. During this time she taught a variety of subjects including: health, physical education, black history, Swahili, entrepreneurship, math, science, yoga, as well as arts and crafts to children of all ages.

Mut Kajara was attuned as a Reiki master in 2000 and was initiated as a general initiate into the mysteries of the Akan in 2000. She also began to facilitate Sacred Woman gateway in 2000. She trained over 100 women in Sacred Woman circles and retreats between (the years of)2000 and 2012. She became the Heal Thyself Ambassador of Wellness as well as a certified fasting and detoxing therapist in 2006. She received certification as a Wholistic health practitioner from Dr. Llaila Afrika in 2006. In 2007 she was assigned to teach energy healing to our community and begin teaching Kemetic Reiki classes in Chicago. This journey led to Ra Sekhi Arts Temple being founded in 2007. She was initiated as a priestess of Sango, Yemaya and Oya in 2008. She has worshipped with Christians, Jehovah’s Witness, Hebrews, Muslims, Rastafarians, Buddhists, Wiccans, Native Americans, Akan, Yoruba, Vodun, and NGE and has come to one conclusion. All spiritual systems teach people to live right, the names serve to divide us.  Ra Sekhi classes are open to those of African descent no matter what spiritual system they follow.

In addition to the writing of three books: Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Level 1 (2012), Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Level 2 (2013), I Get Energy from the Sun (2013). Mut Kajara has also published two additional books with RSAT: Recipes for Elevation in 2013 and Speaking with Spirit in 2014. She has also written articles for three other books: Sistah Vegan, Natural Dread of Atlanta, and Magical Calabash.

The mission of RSAT is to promote health and wellness in our community and to share ancient techniques of healing to all ages. RSAT has over 200 students in cities across the US, some in Canada and the Caribbean.

Email: rasekhitemple@gmail.com
Website: www.rasekhihealing.com
FB: Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet

BASU MU GADU aka ‘Magi from the Source’

​​’Artist, Adept & FilmMaker’, Basu Mu Gadu, aka ‘Magi from the Source’, walks in both worlds. Early experiences with illness and frequent travel made sure of that. From 7 to 9 years old, he survived resistant cerebral malaria. By 13 years of age he had studied in the sacred spaces of at least 7 wisdom traditions on four continents.

Gadu was formerly introduced to Egyptian Yoga in his heart, then at sunrise on New Year’s Day, on a beach dotted with 50 mats in South Florida. Nine years ago, the day after his first Sweat Lodge he began Level 1 certification with Basu Asar Neter Aunkh Aakhu. Three years ago in Jamaica he was certified Level 2 by preceptors, Sebai Maa & Sebaa Dja. They are also known as Drs. Muata & Karen Ashby, authors of Egyptian Yoga, and architects of the Thef Neteru Sema Paut System: Movements of Divine Principles into a Unified Company. This is the oldest completely documented system of yoga on the planet.

YOGICK: THE MAGICKAL ART OF YOGA ~ Shifting Perception Based Reality On & Off the Mat
“If we don’t shape reality for ourselves, someone else will shape it for us!!”
Connecting Yoga, Myth & Magick with Recent Scientific Research to Manage Emotions & Create Reality

Phone: 914-888-4485
Email: gadu.yogic@gmail.com
Facebook: Mu Gadu


​Natasha Brewley, better known as Chef Beee of Essentially Chef Beee is an Essential Wellness Coach + Chef. The mission of Essentially Chef Beee is to promote wellness through the use of plant-based foods and essential oils while educating individuals and communities how to make healthy food and lifestyle choices that find difficulty making these changes on their own.

Chef Beee studied raw food preparation at the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta and gained her certification as a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. During her training, she was exposed to many dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.

Chef Beee strives to help people transition to a plant-based diet by showing individuals how easy it is to prepare healthy meals by offering food preparation and demonstration classes. Chef Beee is also very passionate about sharing with others the benefits  of certified  pure therapeutic grade essential oils in order to maintain balance in the body and mind. She also strives to introduce others to drugless and natural solutions to regain their health in order to experience true wellness.

You can find Chef Beee on social media including, Facebook – @iamessentiallybeee, Twitter – #iamchefbeee, and Instagram – @iamchefbeee. There you will find recipes and what Chef Beee is up to around the city of Atlanta.
Be. Empowered. Energized. Engaged.
Essentially Chef Beee ~  Your Essential Wellness Coach
404-734-1268 ~ dōTERRA | Email | Facebook | Instagram


​Aqua Samone, age 25, was born with the gift of healing. Inspired at a young age to work magic with her hands. She heals through the modalities of massage therapy, plant-based foods, herbal medicine and holistic skincare. Aqua has been within the holistic field for 6 years. She began her own journey of healing at the age of 19– transitioning from an unnatural lifestyle to a holistic one.

Aqua Samone owns and operates her own business, Earth Imani, where she offers holistic health and beauty products. Such as, handmade herbal tea blends, bath salts, womb steams, sugar and salt exfoliants, clays and whipped shea butter.

Aqua is a firm believer of self-love and wellness and her purpose is to guide those onto that path of enlightenment. When you love yourself, you heal yourself.

Phone: 404-369-6600
Email: earthimani@gmail.com
Facebook: Aqua Samone, Earth Imani
Instagram: @aquatheaquarius, @earthimani



​     I’m from Atlanta Georgia born and raised. I’ve always loved art since I was at least five years old. I started out first with free hand drawing with a pencil. I have never had any formal training for art outside of school however my passion drove me to be as good as I can get learning on my own. As the Adolescent my friends and I would use spray paint to draw on anything that we could. We would draw a lame different characters just anything that we could imagine. We often talked about how we would go around the city displaying our work on anything we could spray on however we were so young. We only made it as far as our neighborhood. 
     Years later my son discovered someone spray painting in a different way on YouTube having some experience with the spray paint I took a big interest in this particular type of art. I actually fell in love with this particular type of Art as it was free-flowing and it’s just a wonderful process. It’s quite easy to draw any and everything that comes to my mind when using spray paint. I love the vibrant colors, the different combinations of colors in the abstract style, that one use with spray paint. I’m always learning new things different techniques and I plan to learn as much as I can to be the best I can be with this particular type of Art. 
     I also have learned about some of the history of this art. I also want to have a more in depth knowledge of the history and the culture of this art as it will be a part of my life forever. I also have been studying different aspects of my ancestors everyday life, which is the Kemetic way of life.  One of my goals is to combine my art skills with different scenes of everyday life depicting my ancestors from over four thousand years ago. 

Email: lyricalghost67@gmail.com

Instagram: @losfavo35



Opulence Ra NTR aka Uokes Ra

Eye  am an Elderess, Queen Mother Goddess and High Priestess of my Life and a Goddess Temple Palace. Eye draw my inspirational power from the MOTHER GODDESS Portal know by many names to speak life into those who come to me.  Eye was chosen as a Channel for Ancient Kemetic Dance of Life (ANKH) over four decades ago through my initiation from The House of Ra.
Eye was granted access to metal jewelry arts from my connection with The Studio of Ptah and The Ra Ship.  My magical alchemy jewelry talisman creations help to restore the inner and outer Goddess.  My journey on my life path has granted the opening of many gifts and offerings through my eclectic tapestry of Healing Arts.  Eye am a Sacred Soul Messenger Reader and Healer.   Eye utilize and share (heka) words of power through meditation visualization affirmation poetry and chants and song.

Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki is another medium eye practice.  Eye do veve and henna art healings. Eye offer guidance in Sacred Sensuality. Eye am currently guided to offer a program AUSET RESTORATION Readings and classes for the continual empowerment of the youth through healings of the Mother.  My greatest power flows empowering the youth.   I am available for performances… lectures… group and private sessions with love.

Email: goddesstemplepalce@gmail.com 

Facebook:  OpulenceRa7



Queen Yenn has always felt the “pull of the most high”. Daughter of a Baptist minister and teacher, religion and education has always been present in her life. She has proclaimed early on in life that she “felt a calling on her life”, but this calling seemed different from what she witnessed in the church. She felt like there had to be more to life than just working to avoid hell.
 A student of Dr. Asa Hilliard III, prolific scholar, author, and teacher of Kemetic wisdom, she began to learn more about the history of her ancestors, including indigenous spiritual systems and ways of worship. This is where she found her truth.
Ultimately, understanding and accepting that all is GOD as principle, she excitedly dived into what she calls the “Universal Current” of abundance studying metaphysics, numerology, astrology, lunar cycles, and many other Universal Laws/truths.
Queen Yenn believes that we are all GODs having a human experience and we have been provided all that we need to allow that experience to be extraordinarily beautiful. ​​


Ray Stone Author/Herbalist/Teacher

Ray Stone has been working in urban health & wellness for over a decade. His mission is to enlighten and reconnect the community to ancient methods of holistic healing. He currently has 5 titles in print through his own Ra One Publications. His love and fascination with the healing power of stones & crystals culminated in him launching the Abundance Spice Company in 2014. Spices are medicine. Stone incorporates the energy of crystals, ritual, singing bowls and high quality herbs into delicious spice blends. The Abundance Spice company also crafts powerful herbal capsule formulas featuring well sourced, high quality organic ingredients. All of the products are created with a healthy, healing energy and vibration. 

Books: Eat Like You Give a Damn (2009) Products of our Environment (2011) The Best Damn Prostate Book (2015) Change Your Life in 9 Days: The 9 Day Raw Food Challenge (2017) iCare: Eye Care in the Technology Age (2017) 

Phone: (313)355-3949
Email: rstone.el@icloud.com


Zema Love Fire ​​

Zema Love Fire

Medicine Music/Teacher
Raw Food/Vegan Chef
My Sacred Journey

Zema Love Fire is a natural born “11” Rainbow/Indigo Healer. As a child she was extremely psychic and aware of her connection to the other side of the veil. She is the Founder/President of The Indigo School of Light, Inc. a Metaphysical Ancient Wisdom School for children and adults. She is also the Author of The New Food Culture a shopper’s guide to navigating ingredients and food labels to avoid gmo’s and other carcinogens as well as replacement lists. Zema has been certified in Holistic Healing through Queen Afua in 2004. She is also a certified Master Energy Practitioner (RMT), Acoutonic Therapist, Sound Therapist, Certified Ethereal Crystal Practitioner, Divination Reader, Heart Activator, Dream Interpreter, Candle Magic, Aura/Meridian/Chakra Repair, House/Land Clearing, Sacred Floral Baths, and Earth Keeper. Zema can be reached for consultations, workshops, certification classes, and speaking engagements.

Website: www.zemalovefire.wix.com/healer
Email: zemalovefire@gmail.com
Phone: (470)242-1659

Yemaya ~ Natural Muurmaid

​     Yemaya, Founder/Owner of Natural Muurmaid™ is a Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Tarot Reader, Counselor, Writer, Natural Hair Stylist, and Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate. Her healing comes from healing others. She does seasonal book clubs, sisterhood circles, community service, and mentors teenage girls.
Yemaya was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (an hour and a half outside of Chicago), but has family throughout Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, New York, and The West Indies. Although a young woman in the Holistic Health industry, she has worked with and learned from some of the most respected elders in the field. Her passion for spirituality and healing is what drives her.
Yemaya’s healing modalities consists of reiki, massage therapy, reflexology, intuitive tarot readings, aromatherapy, copper wrapped crystals, orgonites, magnets, and spiritual bath potions.

Website: www.naturalmuurmaid.com
Email: naturalmuurmaid@gmail.com


​Greetings! I am The Priestess. My gifts are clairaudience, clairvoyance and telepathy. I was born into the craft; my gifts are passed through the maternal and paternal line. I have over 30 years’ experience reading Tarot, Talking Board, Empaca Shell and the Ancient Palo Deck. I have been featured on VH1 Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta and Bravos Southern Charm. My readings are extremely accurate and straight to the point. I never ask questions; all questions are answered as I give the reading.

I’m initiated in the following Orders:  Palo Monte, Haitian Vodoun and the Esoteric Order of Mary Magdala and the Divine Mother.  Ordained Interfaith, Esoteric and Psychic Minister through the Esoteric Theological Seminary. I relay information concerning spiritual direction, love, work, money, health, business, career path. As a Shaman I perform spiritual work to uncross, protect, bring prosperity, love and business success, bringing change and light.

My Modalities are:
Tarot: Tarot allows me to read the life as a story it will give information about the people, places and things around you that impact the life. It gives direction as to the best course of action for any situation.

Palo Monte Tarot: This is a deck of cards given to me by Spirit. I was given the design and the method in which the cards should be read. The Palo Monte Tarot will give the spiritual vibration around you. It will give information regarding the spiritual consequences of your actions, decisions and associations. It will tell me how this is helping or hurting your spiritual progress and whether the ancestors are pleased with you or displeased with you.

Talking Board: The Talking Board is used with a pendulum, the pendulum swings from letter to letter spelling out your answers for you. You can either ask your question or you can have the Board speak to you. This is a very rare and accurate method of divination. It also allows me to access the Akashic Records.

Empaca Shell: The Empaca Shell is a Palo method of divination. My Empaca Shell was specially designed for me using a large seashell with a mirror attached. This allows me to see the life as a movie screen or a video. Images of people, places, and objects are shown to me to give information about the life.

CONTACTS: priestesscalister@ymail.com


​As a spiritual healer, Cynette aka “Yemi” is a mother of two sons, traditional indigenous spiritual counselor and priestess, therapist, author and a Kemetic Yoga instructor. She has assisted her clients with staying on their path of accomplishing their dreams with unique spiritual coaching techniques that help remove blockages to an individual’s growth. Specializing in helping people open to their gifts and awaken to their divine purpose, Cynette has a great balance between teaching/counseling and stepping back to allow her clients to flourish.

Cynette has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in African studies. She has earned a Master of Science in Clinical Social Work and has worked in the field of energy healing since childhood. She has a proven record of success in helping adolescents triumph over peer pressure and in helping adults overcome behavioral addictions. Author of four books, Cynette’s writings illustrate the relationship between people and nature. She acknowledges how important communication between people and nature is in creating a more meaningful, healthy, and balanced life. Her book are “Birthing Self Love”, “Yogi in Me”, “Children of the Sky”, and “Are Tress God’s Hand”.

Certified Kemetic Yoga instructor for 5 year and a practitioner of Hatha Yoga since age 13. Cynette has orchestrated and facilitated beginner’s yoga classes for children, adolescence in school setting, adults, and substance abuse facilitates. Cynette has worked in mental health since 2004 teaching and counseling clients effectively with behavioral health imbalances. Cynette’s practice as a therapist and yoga instructor inspired her to create her business “Kemetic Yoga counseling”, in which she applies her skills as a therapist, traditional indigenous spiritual priestess, and Kemetic Yoga instructor to assist her clients with coping with symptoms of their diagnoses and healing from mental health imbalances and different types of trauma.

SACRED (Tiffani Balashange Ashemu)
​a.k.a. the Mistress of Sparkle 

​SACRED (Tiffani Balashange Ashemu) a.k.a. the Mistress of Sparkle is a staunch cultural revolutionary, spiritual evolutionist, community organizer, artist, pro-activist, holistic healer and coach. She is from Compton California, where her family has an organic health business called Healthy Greens and began her conscious spiritual and wellness journey, at the tender age of 21, as a Psychology student at Howard University. She became disillusioned with mainstream lifestyle, went “underground”, joined a revolutionary organization, took up African spiritual culture and political studies, cut the perm out of her hair and went vegan!!

Searching for the perfect community home, she traveled the globe. Living in Washington DC; Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, CA and repatriating to Ghana, W. Africa for a decade of personal research and raising her family.  It was a powerful transformational and healing experience that she passionately shares with other African-Americans.  She utilizes this wealth of knowledge and her unique experiences in everything.

SACRED is a Spiritual & Wellness Coach with a strong background in transpersonal psychology, traditional spiritual systems, naturopathic healing modalities, organizing, tours and travel, hospitality, branding, vegan cooking, events planning, sacred sweat lodge, divination and oracles, yoga, meditation, art therapy, sacred movement and dance – to name a few.  Sacred is the Lead Organizer for the Atlanta Chapter of Hip Hop Is Green. HHG uses the power of Hip Hop Culture to promote Health & Wellness. She is living her dreams in a healthy urban community at the Lake Claire Land Trust and joyfully serving as a Wellness Warrior at the iconic Sevananda Natural Foods Market. Sacred has successfully created a life jam-packed with everything she loves most –  holistic health & wellness, art & creativity, communal love & living, service leadership & MAGIC!

Working with gemstones and crystals, Crystal Healing & Therapy is one of her favorite modalities.  Previously she was a crystal advisor at Phoenix and Dragon Metaphysical Store, the leading crystal store in the southeast. She has experience with many different ways to utilize the power of crystals for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balances.  Working with many customers and achieving incredible results, Sacred also uses crystals for personal reasons — with mind-blowing outcomes!

SACRED CO-CRE8IONS COLLAGES art collection is an expression of her special relationship to the crystal world.  She birthed these unique and spiritually-inspired multi-media pieces that for added vibrational potency, are embedded with gemstones. With proper placement, they balance feng shui and raise positive energies. Sacred shares practical ways crystals can empower goals, improve life and increase magic!

Email: sacredhealthservices@gmail.com
Phone: (404)397-7033

FB: ​Tiffani Balashange Ashemu