TRR TV Rate Sheet & Market Information

Why advertise at Tassili’s
Raw Reality?

Tassili’s Raw Reality is a 10 year multi-million dollar Raw/Vegan Restaurant. It has expanded organically and will continue to grow with our global expansion efforts. Healthy lifestyle trends are skyrocketing and TRR is a viable business at the forefront of a healthy, plant-based food focused evolution. Every day an estimated 300+ guests come to enjoy our famous Kale Wraps and other delicious products. There is usually a line coming from the counter, through the restaurant, and out the front door.  Patrons choose to wait in long lines for TRR’s nutritious and delicious food!

While they wait in line, our guests will now have something to watch. They will be fed in another way with conscious, progressive content on TRR TV. With our upscale diverse customers ready to invest in their health, this new addition will be highly beneficial for an advertiser. A variety of ads, flyers and other content will play throughout the day in 45 minute increments. Advertisements are billed on a weekly basis to start. We also offer an opportunity to upgrade your marketing at TRR by having your approved flyers distributed to patrons at the cash register. Upon request, advertising packages can also include Pedicabs Atl, an innovative transportation system. See for more information on this additional marketing prospect.

TRR TV Ad and Flyer
Marketing Rates

$75 – 30 second Video Ad for 1 week

$50 – 30 second Flyer Ad for 1 week

$100 – per 1,000 Flyers in Patron’s Bags


$150 – 30 Second Ad with 1,000 Flyers in Bag Marketing

$125 – 30 Second Flyer with 1,000 Flyers in Bag Marketing

Within one week of TRR TV Marketing via one 30 second content, up to 2,000 people in the demographic described above will view your ad.

1,000 of those people will also take home your flyer.

Documentary or Movie
Ad Rates

$100 – 1 – 5 minutes of Documentary Sound Bite or Trailer including info for patrons to find content.

Bundle – $175 for Bag Marketing and 1 – 5 minutes Documentary or Trailer

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