Tassili’s Raw Recipes Book

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Tassili’s Raw Recipes On The Go
Created by Master Raw Food Chef, Tassili Maat

Quick and Easy Raw Food Delicacies to Prepare in 15 Minutes or Less

Raw Recipes on the Go is the natural next step in Tassili’s continuous evolution and we’re excited to be part of it. Inspired by the delectable recipes sampled at In-the-Raw Wednesdays, this un-cook book is a special treat, one you can literally savor. Enjoy!


3 reviews for Tassili’s Raw Recipes Book

  1. Tarron Allen

    Review for Tassili’s Raw Recipes Book
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  2. Eugene Walls

    The food is fantastic! Order online because the line is allays long.



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