The 2017 Natural Mystic Fair was off the chain!!

Healers of various modalities came together to create a space of pure light and love. Enlightenment was in the air!! The height of the event was the powerful Blessing Way for Dr. William Emikola Richardson. Led by Baba Cordell, the community came together to form a chain of good intentions for the doctor’s upcoming journey in captivity. Here are pictures from the 2017 Natural Mystic Fair and below are words about the event from its founder. Enjoy and hope to see you there next year!!
There’s a Natural Mystic Blowing in the Air…
Tassili Mata Atma Maat

Thanks so much for your attendance at the 2017 Natural Mystic Fair!! We had record breaking numbers and this speaks to the growing desire to learn, to know, to grow. It’s because of this that we are able to raise the consciousness of our Beloved Community!! Then it becomes a ripple effect. Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one.

There were sooooooooo many highlights and take-aways. The Highest Point for me was the Community Blessing Way for Dr. Emikola Richardson. It was such a powerful expression of ritual community participation, rites of passage and love. The Natural Mystic presenters were very engaging and enlightening in their sharing. From the Libation Ceremony to the Dick Gregory Dedication to the Hare Krishna Kirtans to the Khemetic Hekau straight through to the likening of acupuncture to the traditional indigenous healing practices of Voodun.

It’s “Amazing Gracing” when the veils are lifted off our face!! We look forward to your regular checking in… as we re-member to re-member the omniverse of information, knowledge and wisdom that is available to us when we “Stay Woke!”

Wisdom, Peace & Love
Tassili Mata Atma Maat