Invitation To Partner

The Wonderful Wizards of Raw ~ Raw Food Extravaganza

Greetings from Tassili Mata Atma Maat!

First I would like to extend eternal gratitude.
Thank you for answering the call to partner with Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe on our most anticipated annual event, the Wonderful Wizards of Raw. We are happy to have you here. Our story starts with our purpose to help people achieve optimal health and thrive. When I first started my business, I never conceived that Tassili’s Raw Reality would become the center of the West End’s cultural revolution. My vision was simply to offer my community healthy food options. However, WE ARE our community and it would be difficult to find a community more closely linked to the city’s, state’s, region’s, and nation’s historical development than the West End district of Atlanta. The West End is also a pioneer community for the BeltLine project in Atlanta. With the Peachtree Corridor, the BeltLine, and MARTA, West End will be one of the most transit-oriented communities in Atlanta.

In this century, the West End has endured many changes in its metamorphosis to an in-town community, while retaining its own distinctive character and vitality. Everything that we do is an embodiment of that distinction, and your support is what keeps us thriving. It is my hope that we grow together. I look forward to building our relationship.

About The Wonderful Wizards of Raw

The vision for the Annual Wonderful Wizards of Raw began seven years ago when Tassili Maat, the owner of Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe, was inspired to create a festival that exposed the community to the concept of raw vegan cuisine. As the hub of the vegan raw movement in the Historic West End, the intention was to offer the community more opportunities to have a positive and enlightening experience with vegan raw food. Thus the Annual Wonderful Wizards of Raw was born.
On the first Saturday of June 2013 raw food chefs and vendors gathered together in the backyard garden of Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe, and enticed the community to sample gourmet raw food, listen to conscious speakers, participate in demonstrations, and enjoy enlightening entertainment. However the festivities didn’t stop there! A second day was added! On Sunday, the community gathered for a film screening and a caravan to Cascade Springs Nature Preserve for an ancestral honoring featuring tribal drums & dancing.
With delicious food, fun, education and good vibes this two-day extravaganza quickly became an experience to remember. The Wonderful Wizards of Raw has featured some amazing pioneers in the field such as Dr. Shea E. Wills, Chef Zema Love Fire, and Chef Levy to name a few. It wasn’t long before the Annual Wonderful Wizards of Raw became a highly anticipated event with attendance increasing from 100 to over 500 in just a few years.

The Future of The Wonderful Wizards of Raw

With such great success over the past several years it is time to take the
Wonderful Wizards of Raw to the next level. We find ourselves asking, how can we make this bigger? How can we serve more people? In what ways can we further
impact our community? How can we cultivate better business partnerships?

Our vision is to transform the Wonderful Wizards of Raw from a backyard event into a full fledged community festival. This year’s Wonderful Wizards of Raw will feature street closure for a neighborhood block party, more local entertainment, more guest speakers, twice the number of vendors, gift bags for attendees, and a raw chef’s food competition complete with prizes! However we can’t accomplish this vision alone. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Partnership Opportunities

Small Business Option 1

$30 + product donation for gift bags

Small Business Option 2

$75 + flyer or business cards for gift bags

An opportunity for small business to have their product and/or business featured in our event gift bags.