Rawsome Master Chefs invite you to taste their
Gourmet Cuisine!!

​Sharon Johnson, AADP

Certified Health Coach

Sharon Johnson is a Certified Health Coach and Raw Foods Educator. A Holistic Health Coach helps you consider choices to balance your Mind, Body, and Soul.  Sharon became a health coach to fulfill her passion of working with busy individuals striving to reach their health goals and happiness through raw living foods, juicing, and lifestyle.

With passion, Sharon states, “The balance of your mind, body, and spirit is the key to having the happiness, lifestyle, and health you deserve. My role, as a health coach is to help you achieve health and wellness through easy steps. There are many paths to a healthy lifestyle, let’s find what works for you.”

CONTACT: Sharon Johnson, AADP, Certified Health Coach
Tel: (678) 826-9729
sharon@rawandawesome.com | www.rawandawesome.com

Rasheeda Bint-Yahya

Sweet Yogi Online/Pop Vegan Bakery

Satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt!

Chef Rasheeda Bint-Yahya, is the owner of Sweet Yogi online/pop vegan bakery. Specializing in 100% vegan desserts and baked goods, she offers baked and raw desserts that give you the comfort of your beloved childhood favorite sweets. Without the cost of your health or comprising flavor. Rasheeda’s goal is to inspire and encourage individuals to obtain healthy lifestyles through a plant-based diet, as we know food is healing.

Chef Rasheeda is a Florida native and moved to Atlanta in May 2016.  In May of 2017 with the help of her boyfriend,  she made the decision to become vegan. After watching many of her family members lose their lives to chronic illnesses, caused primary from dietary and environmental factors, she knew she did not want to be a statistic of chronic illnesses, common to the African American community.

Inspired vegan sweets by Sheeda B
Rasheeda Bint-Yahya, Owner

Eat Where You Are!

Essentially Chef Beee and Patchwork City Farms

Eat Where You Are! is a collaboration of Essentially Chef Beee and Farmer J. of Patchwork City Farms and they offer seasonal raw food chef and farmer curated cleanses.

Chef Beee of Essentially Chef Beee is an Essential Oil Wellness Coach & RAW + Plant-Based Chef, mother of two boys that reside in Atlanta, GA. The mission of Essentially Chef Beee is to promote wellness through the use of plant-based foods and essential oils while educating individuals and communities how to make healthy food and lifestyle choices that find difficulty making these changes on their own. Chef Beee studied raw food preparation at the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta and gained her certification as a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. During her training, she was exposed to many dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. She holds a PhD in Mathematics Education from the University of Georgia, Masters in Applied Mathematics and MBA in Finance from Clark Atlanta University and Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from Spelman College.
Jamila Norman is an internationally recognized urban farmer, food activist and mother based in Atlanta, GA.  She is a University of Georgia graduate with a degree in Environmental Engineering, After 10 years in her professional career, Jamila has now committed fully to operating her independent, organic urban farm, Patchwork City Farms, which she founded 2010. In 2014 she served as a US delegate to Slow Food’s Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, an international event dedicated to food and gastronomy, in Turin, Italy.  She and her farm have been featured in various publications including Modern Farmer Magazine, SeedStock.com, The Library of Congress and Southern Foodways Alliance oral history project, and Farm Star Living to name a few.
For more information about the seasonal cleanses that are offered, connect with us at Eat Where You Are! and visit www.EatWhereYouAre.net

​Chef Haylene

​The Garden Queen

For as long as she can remember, Haylene Green has been planting in the soil. Born in Port Antonio, Jamaica, she’s a descendent of the Maroon culture and has strong familial ties to farming. Both her father and grandfather farmed commercially. She grew up next to the Caribbean Sea, where tropical fruits and vegetables grew wild and plentiful. When her family moved to New York, she grew food from potted plants. Upon visiting Atlanta for a family reunion, Haylene fell in love with all the trees, and relocated to the South, hoping to plant fruit-bearing trees of her own. 

She is famous around local farmers’ markets for growing fruits and vegetables native to the Caribbean in Atlanta’s soil. Her tropical pumpkins and hibiscus sorrel earned her names of “Haylene Garden Queen” and “The Hibiscus Sorrel Lady.” When her sister started a community business in the West End of Atlanta, Haylene began cultivating an acre of the land. She’s helping to teach the community about farming, and growing to provide easier access to fresh (and tropical) produce. Queen Haylene specializes in juices made from fresh plants and herbs (hibiscus ginger sorrel, ginger beer, jamaican detox).

She has a sustainable organic garden in the West End of Atlanta and the founder of a non-profit called Hightower’s Fountain of Love Foundation, where children are taught the importance of having a healthy life-style through eating nutritious foods. They also develop a strong work ethic by working in the garden.

1285 Ralph Abernathy Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30310
(678) 933-1087


​Chef Saa’ Shalom

​Rawtopian Bliss Restaurant| Love and Light Wholistic Health Ministry & Retreat​

Saa’Shalom “Soul” I.M.Bey has been a student of the natural path healing arts for the past 20 years, since becoming a naturalist and vegetarian changed her life in 1995. She has lived under the guidance of several spiritual masters and studied the principles of wholistic health under the teachings of four of the nation’s leading melanin-centered wholistic health professionals: Dr. Llaila O. Africa, Dr. Paul Goss, Dr. Jewel Pookrum and Queen Afua.  She trained as a raw foods chef at the Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center in Greensboro, North Carolina.  In her devotion to divine purpose, she has assisted many in transforming their lives from distress to wellness through diet change, internal cleansing, yoga, meditation, and spiritual law. In 2002, she founded Supreme Love and Light, a wholistic health ministry and retreat center in the southeastern United States, largely based out of Columbia, South Carolina.

Contact: Director & Gourmet Vegan Chef Saa Shalom
8502 Two Notch Road, Suite I
Columbia, SC 29223
(803) 518-8927
​Facebook: Rawtopian Bliss Raw Vegan Diners Club
@RawtopianBliss on Instagram / Rawtopian Bliss on Facebook

Chef Zema Love Fire

​Natural Living Advocate| Visionary| Food Researcher| Food Lecturer| Holistic Chef

Chef Zema Love Fire is a Vegan Chef with a concentration in Vegan Raw Recipes. Zema is also Owner of Freedom’s Garden Live Catering, The Founder/Director of The Indigo School of Light Metaphysical Rites of Passage Program for Nubian Girl’s 6-17 yrs old and The Indigo School of Light Institute of Ancient Wisdom for Adults. A Master Energy Practitioner, Crystologist, Sound Therapist, Vibrational Therapist, and Food Researcher. Her raw food recipes are developed to be chakra healing, high vibrational, nutritional, and affordable.  

Contact: 470.242.1659

​Chef Queen Vida M. Amuah

Queen Vida’s International Vegan Cuisine

​Queen Vida has an inspiring story of becoming vegetarian, the power of the Creator, discovering an oil-less diet, and making a difference in her native country of Ghana. She learned about being a vegetarian from the Hebrew Israelites. She went to their classes and they kept educating her about diet and making the transition into vegan food. It made sense to her and she decided to go on that journey in 1977. She would go in the kitchen and just do what The Creator said to do. As a result of being obedient, she started creating a lot of different dishes.

Queen Vida lived in the Holy Land for eleven years and became the manager of a restaurant, Eternity, in Israel, right on the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv. The restaurant was booming and jumping. So much that in a matter of weeks there were many people that continued to eat there because of the greatness of the food, the energy, and what they got out of it. They decided that they too wanted to go on a journey and many people are vegetarians thanks to Queen Vida. She then returned to Ghana, and began to spread the word about this lifestyle.

About 10 years ago Queen Vida also made the transition to raw food because she felt that it was a need to “go raw” and be on a “whole ‘nother level”. While she was a vegan she was having heart palpitations and high blood pressure. She was very uncomfortable and started taking medications, which made her feel worse! Because of all the side effects, she took a journey step by step to raw food. Being a vegan and eating the cooked food, then raw and a little bit of cooked. Now she might just eat raw only and to make it even better she’s on an oil-less diet. She says, “You can be a vegan and still be big. And still be unhealthy. All of it is based on what you put in this temple. Ninety percent of all sickness is diet related.” She went from 214 lbs. to 140 lbs. and is looking and feeling great!

Contact: 404.453.1686
​Facebook: Vida Amuah

​​Chef Dawud Jahi

​Jahi’s Sun Flower Well| Homemade Raw Vegan Seed Milk & Desserts

​Warm greetings, from Dawud Jahi owner of Jahi’s Sun Flower Well, a new family business offering delicious homemade raw vegan seed milk, desserts and more.  Using raw organic seeds and nuts, I create nutritious beverages and desserts. Come and experience a nutritious, smooth and eloquent taste of antiquity.
My vegan lifestyle began 29 years ago in Los Angeles, CA in the mid 1980’s when my Father was diagnosed with a malignant cancer. His, as well as other peoples’ condition and/or transitions sparked a desire in me for wellness. This amplified my quest for dietary reform, fasting, holistic health and ultimately a creative raw vegan lifestyle.
I have been inspired by King Oji (The Rasta House) Absholom Mitchell (deceased), George (Akhun) Singleton, Dr. Aris LaTham, Dick Gregory, Dr. Sebi, and my wife Chery Parker- Jahi  (Rawsoulicious).
Contact: 843.607.5953
Facebook: Beloved Jahi

​​Valerie Burroughs

​Val’s Kale Chips

​Valerie Burroughs, aka Val and Valerie B was born in
​Atlanta, GA and is a “Grady Baby”.  Her love for veggies started at an early age and while in grade school she started her very own vegetable garden.  Now as a seasoned adult, Val is pleased to offer five different flavors of dehydrated kale chips with more on the way. The divine flavors are Original, Spicy Curry, Ginger Spice, Garlic and Sweet Garlic. The chips are available nationwide (including Sevananda Natural Foods Market) and are known as “Val’s Kale Chips”. 
Val’s Kale Chips are both delicious and nutritious. All natural, raw, gluten free and vegan, they are made with the powerhouse of organic kale and contain no fattening oils or preservatives leaving them packed with nothing but rich flavor. The chips are dried and never fried, which allows an abundance of nutritional value and beneficial living enzymes to remain in every bite.

In addition to being a raw food chef, Valerie B is an energy healer, entrepreneur and performing artist with her CD, “New Life” currently available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.  She enjoys a wonderful vegan/raw food lifestyle with the ultimate goal to spread love & light wherever she goes and to whomever she meets. New Life Origins, LLC (NLO) the home of Val’s Kale Chips. NLO is a holistic company that focuses attention on new beginnings and new starts for your life with an aim to bring you the most innovative, healthiest and wholesome products and services available. The company is founded upon nutritious foods, energy therapy and the principles of sound through music.

Contact: 770.719.8676

​​Kelly Jorae

​Sacred Waters Wellness Arts Studio

Kelly Jorae, affectionately known as Jorae is self-proclaimed as the World’s Most Passionate Natural Health Professional. She is the Founder and CEO of Sacred Waters Wellness Arts Studio and a heart-based driven entrepreneur. Jorae is a Certified Natural Health Professional, Master Herbalist and Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. 
Her journey in vegetarianism began 25 years ago in her hometown Los Angeles, California. In the beginning, she had no clue her new lifestyle would take her all the way to Atlanta, GA. In the late 90’s, only one year after living in Georgia she opened The Herb Shop Café in downtown Atlanta where she specialized in herbs, vitamins and teas. The Herb Shop Café became popular for its quick vegan foods, live juices and smoothies. There she met her tribe of fellow curators in the Atlanta healing arts community and long lasting clients to present day.
Several years later after birthing 2 children one with midwife and the other at home, she finally weaned her last from 4 years of nursing – Jorae then opened Sacred Waters Wellness Arts Studio where she currently specializes in supporting clients in guided detox programs using whole food recipes, colon hydrotherapy, herbal and homeopathic remedies including her Raw Food Rejuvenation program. She teaches busy women, and those whom desire how to systematically use simple and clean plant-based and raw vegan recipes to remove layers of toxic buildup, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and rebalance the gut.
Sacred Waters offers a premium selection of herbal and homeopathic remedies, teas, crystals and gemstones and more.
For information on working with Kelly Jorae or to learn more about the services and products offered at Sacred Waters, please contact as follows:
Sacred Waters Wellness Arts Studio
500 Lanier Ave, West Suite 701
Magnolia Office Park
Fayetteville, GA 30214

Crystal McClendon & Chef Amen Raw

Ecliptic Kombucha
Oat Crew Cuisine

​Ecliptic Kombucha’s owner/brew master Crystal McClendon (AKA the Kombucha Queen) proudly shares her talent, passion and expertise with anyone interested in reaping the benefits of Kombucha.  What began as small batches of homemade Kombucha has become a full-fledged company dedicated to helping others achieve health and abundance.

Quench your body and spirit with original Kombucha flavors crafted in harmony with the moon’s many phases. With an age-old brewing method that uses Symbiotic Culture of Yeast and Bacteria (SCOBY) along with a sweetened tea, she creates an amazing vitamin and probiotic rich beverage that’s as good for you as it is great tasting. 

Ecliptic Kombucha’s signature flavors are like no other Kombucha products out there – incorporating everything from ginger, pears, apples, strawberries to florals, turmeric, nutmeg, cardamom and much more.
​Contact: www.ecliptickombucha.com

And Chef Amen Raw


​Caribbean Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant

The mention of the word Caribbean evokes spicy food and reggae music. Healthfull Essence is the spiritual creation of Princess Dixon, with the assistance of Kwadwo Kephera. These two partnered together to share with the world food not only soulful, but also nourishing and healthy for your body. They state, “Our mission is to be a positive force on the planet, providing a higher form of food and lifestyle. Our aim is to educate and enhance the lives of those who are seeking a vegan lifestyle.”

Discover a wide range of Caribbean flavors with the professionals at Healthfull Essence. With more than 43 years of culinary experience, the chefs at Healthfull Essence Caribbean Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant bring you the finest Caribbean vegetarian and raw food in Atlanta. “You just have to try our famous Jerk UnChicken or our fabulous Curry Vegetables!”

Healthfull Essence is conveniently located in the West End, come by and visit while you discover a whole new world of flavors for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. All are welcome. Food to light the Soul!
875 York Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30310

Chef Levy

Chef Levy has been cooking and has been an Executive Chef in country clubs in Metro Atlanta for years. He has become one of the most talented vegan chefs in Atlanta with his own twist and flavor. He will be serving up Salads, Raw Vegetable Pad Thai with Coconut Peanut Dressing , Island Goodness Drink with mango, passion fruit, soursop, guava, ginger, cucumber, and spinach.  These are just a few of his mouth flavoring dishes.


Jameelah Alexandria

CÀßÀ Bowls​

Growing up in south Georgia, Jameelah Alexandria has always had the luxury of having blackberries, sugar cane and corn at her disposal. She would simply pull it off the vegetation and eat. Her great-grandmother grew up on a rice plantation, so her love for natural and simple foods was a necessity.
‘For me I love a secret ingredient & becoming one with food. You have to build a relationship with your food so that when it is ready to be served, you will know it (as my mom would say).’ Jameelah 
Jameelah continues to grow herbs and cultivate foods devoid of toxins & genetic modification. She specializes in juices made from fresh fruits & herbs & Caba Bowls (Fresh Veggie Bowls).
She endeavors to teach her children the importance of having a healthy life-style through eating nutritious foods. She enjoys spending time with her family, learning new aspects of entrepreneurship, and eating delicious wholesome foods.
Cell 404.246.1094
Restaurant 678.532.6565