Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe’ 
The I AM Ascension Temple Presents

​The 4th Annual

Saturday, September 22, 2018

12 noon – 7pm

​Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe’
Backyard Garden
1059 Ralph Abernathy Blvd SW
Historic West End
Atlanta 30310

FREE Admission to the public


This is a community event designed to help uplift you mentally, physically, and spiritually. ​Expect to see aura readers, radical healers, shamans, clairvoyance experts, medical intuitives, massage therapists, acupuncturists, herbalists, transformation experts, meditation experts, inspirational speakers, yoga, entertainment, and more!

Master Chef Tassili Ma’at
Culinary Mystic
​Founder of The Natural Mystic Fair

When we are finally at a place where we are constantly healthy on all levels, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, then we are whole integral beings. We have the potential to be masters of our destiny. Meaning we’ve not only figured it out, we are consciously choosing to align with the natural purity at all times. We are also then able to help teach others to get it too! We ALL have the opportunity to CHOOSE to become Natural Mystics ~ the Co-Creators of our Destiny!

To learn more ~ Did you join us last year for the Full Moon Energy at the Natural Mystic Fair on Saturday, October 7, 2017

To see photos from Natural Mystic Fairs 2016 & 2017
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**DAY 2 ~ SUNDAY of the NATURAL MYSTIC FAIR will be outside in NATURE featuring MUSIC & MEDITATION with RAURY & FRIENDS


We are proud to present our NMF 2018 Mystical Participants

Keynote Speaker DOCTAH B SIRIUS I AM that I AM

Doctah B Sirius, “The Medicine Man”, is a leading Natural Health Specialist, Master Herbalist, Subconscious Alignment Facilitator, Vibrational Healing Specialist and a Life and Wellness coach.
Born into a long line of healers, counselors, ministers, and educators with roots in Ancient America, Africa and India, he continues this long family tradition entrenched in natural healing and higher consciousness.
He is widely respected and has been endorsed by the likes of Dick Gregory, Alice Coltrane, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Bill Duke, Martin Luther King III, Blues artist Keb Mo and a host of others who trust him with their physical and emotional well-being.
“Maintaining optimal health can be challenging but the results are rewarding. A natural wellness journey births an energetic shift that helps optimize our true potential as vibrant beings on the planet.  Allow me help you help yourself.”   


Mistress Of Ceremony & DJ SHERIESE NICOLE

Atlanta Tastemaker Sheriese Nicole serves the world as a mother, entrepreneur, emcee, musician, holistic life coach, radio show host/DJ, event promoter/producer, and social activist. All aspects of Sheriese’s work is focused on the healing of her people thus humanity with her creative stylish flare.

She has a gift for harnessing and properly channeling beautiful energy for and during purposeful gathering. As an advocate for reproductive, birthing, and parenting rights, she has founded the acclaimed radio series, ‘Misconceptions About Conception.’

Sheriese is a visionary and overall producer that has pioneered Health/Healing and youth arts development movements in Atlanta. Including the co-creation, marketing, and branding of youth focused family and health/wellness community building event-‘Spirit Dance’, also InI Radio, Kombucha Cafe, Maximum Sound the Band, WRFG Healer Series, AND Music Supervisor of ‘The Film Black Friday 2’. Her InI Nation Radio Program is heard Fridays from 10am to 12pm on WRFG 89.3FM


The 4th Annual Natural Mystic Fair SOUND is Sponsored by 

Vision. Expression. Creativity. Performance. 
The Word
on the West Side.

992 Ralph Abernathy Blvd SW
ATL 30310

LIBATIONS To All My Relations Basu Mu Gadu ‘Magi from the Source’

‘Artist, Adept & FilmMaker’, Basu Mu Gadu, aka ‘Magi from the Source’, walks in both worlds. Early experiences with illness and frequent travel made sure of that. From 7 to 9 years old, he survived resistant cerebral malaria. By 13 years of age he had studied in the sacred spaces of at least 7 wisdom traditions on four continents. He is a certified yoga instructor and teaches yoga Wednesday evenings at The I AM Ascension Temple, upstairs above Tassili’s Raw Reality.

Gadu will lead the Natural Mystic Fair in Opening Libations!

Facebook: Mu Gadu
IG: YOGICKYogaMagick

Mama Tawili Grassroots Goddess of Prosperity

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mama Tawili migrated to Atlanta on Thanksgiving Day of 1993. She arrived at her sister friend’s home just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner! What a blessing as she had just drove for 3 ½ days from California and it was a perfect sign of the prosperity and blessings that would follow. After L.A., Atlanta was a culture shock. Tawili slowed down and became content with the abundance that the Most High provided and made it work.

In 1995 Mama Tawili and three other sisters started doing the “Pouring Money” ritual from the classic book, Jambalaya. They changed the name to “Prosperity Ritual” because they knew that prosperity is much more than just money. She started the ritual by putting a $100 bill into her prosperity pouch. Tawili has never had to use that money due to the prosperity and abundance that has manifested. She is proud to say that she has never worked for corporate America. She made her first piece of jewelry and sold it when she was 16. That was 1966 and she has made the choice to be independent, she states, “I’ve always been very happy to be my own boss and not have to answer to anyone.”

At the Natural Mystic Fair Mama Tawili will be sharing the Prosperity Ritual with everyone. Bring change to add to the bowl and a strong desire to prosper. If you want to donate a prosperity bill to put under the candles that will only add to your blessings!! Mama Tawili has a Prosperity Ritual every first Sunday of the month. She invites conscious ones to come! She is also available to facilitate the ritual at your home or place of business. By the way Mama Tawili lead a Prosperity Ritual for the newly opened Tassili’s Raw Reality, and look what happened!!


MOZHA Sound Therapy

MOZHA ~ A Homage to Purpose and Cultural Roots. Pronounced Mos-Ha, is an acronym, standing for “Music Of Zion Heals All”. Emerging from these esoteric roots comes a blend of Earthy percussive dynamics and banging beats.

Yahannes Malik Ford brings the grounded Tribal dynamic, by fusing Latin Afro and Contemporary Jazz rhythms. While Maestro Riko sets the atmosphere with his keys and production. Hence, providing ethereal soundscapes soulful melodies and deep bass. Together, both vessels exemplify a combined 44 years of experience and expertise in areas ranging from Music production and performance to intercession and the healing arts.

The Name
​Zion commonly refers to a Holy geographical location in Jerusalem. However, it was also a secret and sacred place within King Solomon’s chambers. Known as “The Point From Which All Life and Reality Begins”, only the high priest could go and petition the Most High on behalf of the people. It is from this interpretation we derive our name, its meaning, and our purpose.

The Squad
Riko “Maestro Riko” Morrissette
A sound healer, producer, and thought leader. Infusing his background spanning about two decades in music production and performance with his training in Reiki (Reiki I Certified) and studies in metaphysics, he orchestrates a space of healing through the skilled and purposeful manipulation of sound waves. His work is based on real medical and scientific research, delivering real therapeutic benefits. Maestro Riko established and currently facilitates Atlanta’s only synth-based sound bath, “808’s & Meditate.” A Guided Meditation accompanied by live improvised instrumentation, played on digital instruments.

Yahannes Malik Ford, III
A true prayer warrior for the people, reminding us to remember the ancient science of civilizations constructed thousands of years before methods of control and demoralization of the people came into being. His prophetic vision seeks to lend an insight into the mystical sounds and imagery of the heavenly realms. He has been ordained to decode the science behind the words and to hail a new message of truth revealed through the source from which various religions stem from. Our ancientness is honored through his life of prayer, his music, and his testimony.


JOE with the FLOW Musical Innertainment ​Conscious Hip Hop Rhymes

​JOE was born and raised in Atlanta, GA Joe has always been possessed by the vision of attaining notoriety as a musician. Not limited to any particular skill set his greatest passion lies with rapping, singing and acoustic guitar. After dabbling in athleticism on a football scholarship to Morehouse college and trying his hand in the blue collar working world, its finally time to fulfill prophetic dreams of artistry that will reach millions and perhaps billions of supporters.

Although true to his namesake (an easy going guy that goes with the flow), the type of music ‘The Flow’ creates isn’t just for the sake of listening. It is in fact a transformative alchemical experience. Motivated by the goal of expanding the consciousness of all beings on the planet and armed with spiritual wisdom and a cadence that will make anyone dance, you are sure to be forever moved by Joe with the Flow.


​Guided Meditation to Activate the I AM ​ Basu Aunkh Aakhu

Basu is among the top Egyptian Yoga (A Kemetic System of Yoga) Certifiers in the United States. In just 15 years, Neter Aunkh Aakhu has emerged as a singular force in the expansion of Kemetic Yoga. At 41 years of age, he is one of the youngest authentic yoga masters on the planet and a rare mind in fusing ancient concepts with modern day living to help people lead a more effective and fulfilling life. He founded the longest continuous running yoga class in South Florida in 2001.

In 2008, under his company Natural Brilliance For Life, he developed a Kemetic Yoga certification and has now certified 200+ people worldwide including students in the U.S., Jamaica, Bahamas, Bermuda, Zambia, London and Germany. He recently began partnering with leading trainers to produce Afrikan Holistic Retreats to Jamaica that feature, The Black Genius Yoga of KMT Certifications, Kemetic Reiki Certifications, Kemetic Sound Healing Certification, Living Super Food Certification and Healing Black Relationships training.

After returning from Kemet, Basu received his latest initiation from the temple of Seti. Led by Dr. Muata Ashby, Basu gained the new name Hapi or Neter Aunkh Hapi. As one of the leading voices in Afrikan reconstruction Hapi presents a solution based model of bridging a glorious past to a victorious future. His mission is to empower a generation to change the world from within. Hapi is funny and outrageous, but at the same time very serious and meticulous in his efforts to bring about Afrikan awakening, holistic healing and power!


​Sacred Energy Field Activation thru ​CHI KUNG Rev. Dr. ​Gabriel Hernandez

Rev. Dr. Gabriel Rafael Hernandez, A.D.S., founded Wholistic University in 2012. The Medical Paradigm of the Future. Wholistic University is a Holistic Medicine Ministry and Educational Institution providing certifications and degree studies in Chi Kung, Herbal Medicine, Wholistic Medicine and much much more. “The wisdom that I share with the world comes from all corners of the globe and consists of all heralded healing tradition, complemented, endorsed and validated with modern scientific and diagnostic technologies.” says Dr. Gabriel.

His education, training and studies include: 3rd Degree Reiki Master- 1999, Advanced studies in acupuncture – 1999-present, Courses in moxibustion, acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, cupping, meridian therapy, medical terminology, and TCM. Certifications from – Ahimki Center for Wholistic Theology, Training in Polarity Therapy/ & Jin Shin Do, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including Alternative, Complementary, Homeopathic and Naturopathic Medicine Intense training in shiatsu therapy, amma do-in, meridian therapy, acupuncture and acupressure training from Sifu Dr. Mark Armstrong, OMD, ND who studied under Grand Master Dr. DoAnn Kaneko second-generation Japanese acupuncturist and founder of the Tao Healing Arts Center/Shiatsu Massage School of California. Certified Massage Therapist, National Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (NADA)- 2000, Sukyo Mahakari – Training in detoxification and removing impurities from the physical, mental and astral body. Cranial Sacral Therapy, Doctor of Divinity from Universal Life Church (ULC), Advanced Studies in Medical Chi Kung with Grand Master Henry Poo Yee & his most senior Disciple my Sifu, Sifu Jeff Larson Founder of Floating Monk/ Chi for Health, Sifu Dr. Mark ArmStrong, Mfundishi Baba Vitta, Mfundishi Nganga Tola Naa, Alan Pittman, and Victor Clark Advanced Studies in Ayurveda, Native American and African Healing and Spiritual Traditions. Dr. Gabriel has appeared as a special guest on blogtalk radio shows and has done many lectures on health, nutrition and Chi Kung.



​Foremost, Atiba Paseneb Omar is an abolitionist committed to ending slavery in all its forms in all corners of the world, completely and forever. ALSO foremost he (like everyone else) is an avatar for the Great Mother Earth and thus is equally committed to ending the desecrations against our waters, land and skies. To wage these existential wars of self-defense atiba has practiced and taught our ancestral Way for almost 40 years. This includes the Sacred Sciences of Yoga, meditation, chakra and breath work. As the student trains for this higher purpose her/his subtle inner realms are awakened.

The technique of Khemenu Yoga is the “technique” of spiritual Sankofa (“spiritual Sankofa.” That’s kind of redundant–akin to “therapeutic Yoga”–but for purposes of explanation it suffices.). When one seeks to return to her/his spiritual roots, every cough or leaf or emotion can be a stepping stone towards Sankofa. This of course is because of the mind’s focused intent. In like manner, Khemenu employs all of the venerable practices of Yoga for their classical purpose–it employs all to return to the ALL. In between the all and the ALL, the practitioner returns to Allness and thus walks in this world as I AM.

Khemenu evolved as an instrument of Sankofa: it reclaims all of our Yogic heritage (hatha, astanga, kundalini, etc.) Indeed, by uniting all Yogas, Khemenu is a metaphor of our larger need: the unity of all of our African-centered organizations, communities and individuals for our liberation and the salvation of the Earth. ASE


Essential Oils for Activating ​the Body Temple E. Faythe Ford

Born 3rd of seven children in the burbs of CT, yet raised by the southern hills of Atlanta, GA, this earth spirit and nature-driven activist has brought the remembrance of her magical childhood to the present with a sharp focus on educating the masses about the degradation and false sense “cosmeticized” beauty has placed upon the minds of the people and the ill effects it causes for healthy hair, scalp, skin, and nails.

Under the tutelage of Eshe Riviears (The Herb Lady), E. Faythe Ford explored the world of herbal tinctures, poultices, combinations, and cultivation. As resident skin care consultant for her Country Herbal retreats, she began her journey of educating many on the benefits of combining live fruits and seeds with herbal formulations to maintain gorgeous, glowing skin and bountiful, natural locs of hair without the chemicals and brand names. E. Faythe continued her journey working with Holistic Life Center, and is currently partnering with Sacred Waters Wellness Arts Studio to promote the benefits of hydrotherapy and other alternative holistic modalities, including ear candling, and various detoxifying body treatments.

E. Faythe Ford, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, sacred beauty consultant, ethnobotanist, aromatherapist, devout vegetarian and life motivator, has traveled the world sharing with salon owners, hairstylists, make-up artists, estheticians, and the like about the power of natural, organic, herbal-based, living hair and skin products for the betterment of their clients, friends, and families wellbeings. “Wellness Heightens Opportunity for Lasting Elevation” is our motto at ANNU Alternatives LLC, the luxury collection of herbal based hair oils and skin balms formulated 20 years ago. Now, with the development of her health coaching and consulting services, she plans to expand her gifts and abilities to support the needs of her clients overall WellBEINGness concerns.

Principal owner/vessel/founder of Perfectluv Nourishment WellBEINGness Svcs, E. Faythe has accepted the calling to be a true example for the world who respects life and all that is within it, above it, as well as below it. Facilitating a discussion on Earth Essentials today, she plans to promote the benefits of infusing aromatherapy and lapidary science to balance body, mind, and spirit within the I AM presence.



Arata Amika Ma’at is an Atlanta based dancer, singer, actress, model and yogini. Born in the summer of July 1993 to renowned parents, Master Raw Food Chef Tassili Ma’at and Master Jeweler Baba Gyname and growing up in the diverse land of Atlanta gave Arata Amika Ma’at a myriad of different worlds. She truly has lived the experience of a rich heritage and background that is fundamentally rooted African and black excellence. In all, Arata brings her spiritual, mind and body connection by recognizing this connection as the lesson of “know thyself”.

Arata recalls her first part of self that she came to know was her body, through movement in yoga and dance. Arata began her arts training with West African Dance and Kundalini Yoga at the age of 5. Quickly excelling, Arata began technically dance training at the age of 8, in styles such as jazz, ,ballet, tap, modern, and hip hop dance, adding in theater, choral music and contemporary dance in her early teens and adulthood.

In her words, Arata “believes that dance is a way to commune with a higher source as a form of meditation”. Arata spreads the message of creative spiritual movement through the world through her performances, yoga instruction and work with youth art programs such as the Mount Zion Arts & Culture Camp in Jamaica, West Indies.

Arata Amika Ma’at serves as a choreographer, premier performer for audiences, and is a proud member of Giwayen Mata African Dance and Drum Company in Atlanta, GA. She desires to cause cultural unity that honors diversity, utilizing the great tools of the arts to bring healing and positive change!


Sacred Energy Work Rev. Shawn

Rev. Shawn Wells Goldman aka Shaman Hands (or “Rev”) is an ordained healing minister with concentrations in both Healing Hands and Astrology. With a college degree in computer science and a background in software engineering from NC A&T State University, he is now most known for his work as a shaman, teacher, quantum physicist, and Astrologer. Certified as a holistic practitioner, Reiki initiate, product consultant, wellness consultant, and registered metaphysician of the World Metaphysical Association, Shaman Hands is also the creator, cleric and pastor of Spirit Science Institute, an online school of metaphysics where he and his wife teach the science to Spirituality. Together they offer a wide variety of holistic health and Spiritual products and services.

Online School:

CRYSTAL ACTIVATION of the Divine Chrysalis Sun

Chrysalis Sun RM, WMA is an oracle, crystal reiki master, yoga instructor, holistic health practitioner, and author of “The Complete Guide To Crystal Medicine”. She first became aware of her natural gifts as early as 10 years old and in recent years has recognized her calling as a healing arts facilitator. Her areas of expertise include crystals, divination, and mediumship.

Chrysalis graduated from California State University Long Beach in 2006 where she earned a bachelor’s of arts in political science with a concentration in political theory and Latin American comparative politics. She went on to work in the nonprofit sector for six years. In 2012 Chrysalis made the decision to leave the traditional workforce and dedicate her life to the healing arts.

Chrysalis has since studied with various teachers in the fields of crystal science, yoga, meditation, energy healing, and holistic health. She is a certified level 3 reiki master (Usui school), a Registered Metaphysician, and member of the World Metaphysical Association and Healers Unite. Chrysalis believes wholeheartedly that every human deserves a life of total wellness. Her purpose is to support those on the path to Self-discovery, assisting them in creating the life they want. Her ultimate mission is spiritual sovereignty. Chrysalis currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her partner, Rev. Shawn Wells Goldman where she teaches courses on ancestor reverence, tarot, crystal medicine, and psychic development.

Chrysalis Sun specializes in crystal reiki healing. Crystal reiki is a method of holistic healing that manipulates, balances, or regenerates the flow of energy in the body with the assistance of natural crystals. Crystal reiki is a non-invasive and effective technique designed to balance the chakras, calm the mind, and eliminate disease.



Honeysuckle Moon: Wellness Artist, Louisiana Handcraft Artisan, Apothecary, Herbalist, Natural Skin Therapist, Organic Spa Developer, Plant-Based Wellness Educator, Presenter, Writer and Nature Photographer. Mama and Sista to many…
Butterfly Whisperer and Naturist from Birth. Energetic Being for Honeysuckle Moon, Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge, Liberated Honey Natural Body Shop, Sankofa Elementals and Vibrant Moons Natural Wellness Festival for the Indigenous Woman… Moreover, I am simply a Black Woman who chooses to express myself for our collective strength, health and joy. I have been a shining contributor to the Black Arts Movement since 1995. Since 2005, I’ve served local and global communities as Chief Product Developer of Honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care. This labor of love began in my Family home along a small, bayou town in North Louisiana.

My work as an artist and apothecary offers me countless opportunities to self-improve and help others learn natural, effective approaches to self-care, condition redirection and radical wholistic well-being. I honor the Most High by continually expressing the highest gratitude for nature through my Afrikan and Indigenous Ancestors’ Love, cosmological intelligence, healing abilities and spiritual connectivity.

My vision of creating a plant-based wellness arts reality manifests in the forms of handcrafted skin care recipes, spa therapies, visual art and nature photography. My works in herbalism, aromatherapy and apothecary have traveled across the U.S. to Canada, Jamaica, London, Zimbabwe and South Africa. My inspiration is found in my back yard, in the oceanic island movements and atop of the tallest mountains in West Africa. My paradise is organic and wherever I am. It is my intention that my art reflects my heart.
One Love!

770-771-1136 (Text)

​​MEET OUR 2018

Ancient Future & Beyond
The Official Jeweler of
​ Marvel’s Black Panther

​A rich soul with a heart of gold, Baba G is a spiritually inclined man with many talents and accomplishments. Raised in a monastery environment that catered to his humble spirit, he was granted the opportunity to master his skills in music, fine arts, and jewelry. His company “Ancient Future and Beyond” was established in 2014, though he has worked under this name as the CEO for well over 10 years, and has been creating jewelry for 47. As a man whose opinions are highly favored and is known for his creativity and insightfulness, Baba G has worked closely behind the scenes of Essence Magazine as an unofficial freelance consultant. Recently at the 2018 Essence Music Festival held in New Orleans, he was announced by Disney as the official jeweler for Marvel’s Global Blockbuster film, Black Panther. His work has been admired and worn by celebrities such as, Erykah Badu, Fantasia, India Arie, Andre 3000, Supermodel Iman, and Michael Jackson whom he customized a small piece for. Today, you can find his audacious masterpieces being worn by Angela Bassett from every scene in the Black Panther movie. Baba G has an eye for enhancing and honoring the Afrocentric beauty and essence of the black man and woman. And In fact, it is the Afro woman who is behind his inspiration he says. Consumers have reported feeling a sense of regalness, royalty, sophistication, and power while wearing Baba G’s intricate pieces, and this is what makes his jewelry one of a kind. Baba G and his divine work have been honored by the DuSable Museum in Chicago, and is scheduled to receive more honors this year from the Chicago Festival of The Arts, as well as the Ambassador of Mt. Kenya for his dedication to community empowerment around the world. He looks forward to traveling and adding value to productions to both people at home and abroad. “Success to me is fulfilling what you are designated to fulfil, while magnifying the glory of the most high” -Baba G


Born November 13, 1953 (Friday) – Birth name for Friday born is KOFI
I was born and raised in Chicago the second born of 6 children until my older brother died when I was 19 years old and I became the Elder Sun of our family.
This death activated the opening of doors in my mind that began my journey to find my brother, I found him, and in the process, I found The Creator Of The Universes.

At 19 years old I became a member of a Coptic Temple (The True Temple of Solomon) and learned of how to harness Spiritual Energy (to attract, repeal and direct) and at 21 years old I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Electronic Engineering ( The study of how energy flows ) These two forms of study gave me a perspective that bridged a great void in my mind.

1991- Visited The Great Pyramid and meditated in the king’s chamber at Sunrise.
1998- Purchased land in St Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands to build.
2005- Traveled to Dimona Israel came back and started Totally Vegan foods
2006- Purchased 50 acres of Land in Ghana with Hebrew brother.
2010- Created Heaven on Earth Herbs shipping herbs to America learning as a member of the Ghanaian Association of Traditional Healers
2015- Built home in the mountains of Ghana developing 20-acre community sites.
2018- Creating commerce and preparing for the return to the lands of our Ancestors.

CONTACT: 708-620-917


​Eye am an Elderess, Queen Mother Goddess and High Priestess of my Life and a Goddess Temple Palace. Eye draw my inspirational power from the MOTHER GODDESS Portal know by many names to speak life into those who come to me. Eye was chosen as a Channel for Ancient Kemetic Dance of Life (ANKH) over four decades ago through my initiation from The House of Ra.

Eye was granted access to metal jewelry arts from my connection with The Studio of Ptah and The Ra Ship. My magical alchemy jewelry talisman creations help to restore the inner and outer Goddess. My journey on my life path has granted the opening of many gifts and offerings through my eclectic tapestry of Healing Arts. Eye am a Sacred Soul Messenger Reader and Healer. Eye utilize and share (heka) words of power through meditation visualization affirmation poetry and chants and song.

Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki is another medium eye practice. Eye do veve and henna art healings. Eye offer guidance in Sacred Sensuality. Eye am currently guided to offer a program AUSET RESTORATION Readings and classes for the continual empowerment of the youth through healings of the Mother. My greatest power flows empowering the youth. I am available for performances… lectures… group and private sessions with love.

FB: Opulence Ra Ntr
Goddess Elevations Awakenings
High Priestess of Goddess Temple Palace on YouTube
Goddess Mother Teacher of Youth Circle

LOVE GODDESS Love Goddess Healing

Aloha my beautiful souls! I am Love Goddess spiritual advisor, healer and shaman. I am a natural born healer, empath and clairvoyant, my gifts are passed down through my maternal and paternal ancestral line as well as gifted to me directly from source. At a young age my parents knew I was gifted, I always had a passion to heal and help others. I began my career as a healer at the age of 16, becoming a licensed and registered nurse at 19. My healing techniques are unique as I incorporate my knowledge of epidemiology, anatomy and physiology, as well as spirituality to identify and heal my clients Dis-Ease and/or illness. Over the last 10 years I have wandered the world, expanding and sharing my gifts to restore balance and order.

Love Goddess is the owner and operator of Love Goddess Healing. Offering spiritual advising, healing services, and several healing tools and products, including our #1 selling Love Goddess Chakra Healing Candles. Our mission is to help beautiful souls like you remove blockages within, providing guidance and assistance as you explore the many levels within Self while on your quest to enlightenment. Love Goddess has a strong passion for spirituality and healing, she is a believer and witness of the power of love and its healing properties. Love Goddess can be booked for consultations, workshops, speaking engagements, group and private healing session.

Phone: 314-359-3777
Email: 3lovegoddess@gmail.com
Facebook: Love Goddess Healing
Patreon: @3lovegoddess
Instagram: @3lovegoddess

​Kat & Chilé Mystic Mountain ​Books & Gifts

Mystic Mountain Books & Gifts is a place where you can find many kinds of spiritual tools to enhance your personal mystical journey. We offer thousands of items online at mysticmountain.biz and we’re still growing. We believe spiritual tools are an extension of the self, so whatever works for you is what is meant for you. Elevation is just a breath away!

We all have our very own mystic mountain inside of us. We are climbing it every day. As we do for ourselves, we do for spirit! No matter how we do it, whether we use tarot cards, yoga mats, candles, bells, wind chimes, oils, herbs, wands, use focal points like statues & fabrics for decor or simply listen to meditative music while reading a book, we are spiritually elevating… we are climbing our mystic mountain within!

The name, Mystic Mountain, was derived from the Mountain of the Moon – the most well-known one being Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa. The apex of which, in ancient times, was believed to be where the gods dwell, and so it is within us all. We must climb our Mystic Mountain, our Mountain of the Moon, to arrive at where our gods dwell. It all becomes one at the zenith, where we unite with our personal god, our god/goddess within, our true selves. By offering as many tools as there are paths, we are fulfilling our mission in assisting others in reaching their highest potential.

May the path to your highest destiny be open and may your ancestors dance before you in all of your sacred endeavors. And remember… “It’s all about the Spirit!!!”

Email: mysticmountainstore@gmail.com
FB: mysticmountainbooksandgifts
IG: mysticmountainstore

​RAY STONE Author/Herbalist/Teacher

​Ray Stone has been working in urban health & wellness for over a decade. His mission is to enlighten and reconnect the community to ancient methods of holistic healing. He currently has five titles in print through his own Ra One Publications. His love and fascination with the healing power of stones & crystals culminated in him launching the Abundance Spice Company in 2014. Spices are medicine. Stone incorporates the energy of crystals, ritual, singing bowls and high quality herbs into delicious spice blends. The Abundance Spice company also crafts powerful herbal capsule formulas featuring well sourced, high quality organic ingredients. All of the products are created with a healthy, healing energy and vibration.

Books: Eat Like You Give a Damn (2009) Products of our Environment (2011) The Best Damn Prostate Book (2015) Change Your Life in 9 Days: The 9 Day Raw Food Challenge (2017) iCare: Eye Care in the Technology Age (2017)

FB: Ray Stone
IG: Ra1pubs


Yennenga Adanya “Queen Yenn”
Alignment & Manifestation Coach,
Gemstone Therapy Specialist,
Author, and Speaker

IG: @queen_yenn & @queenyenngems
FB: Queen Yenn Gems & Things
YouTube: Yennenga Adanya

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Why not live your very best experience?”

Zema Love Fire ​

Medicine Music/Teacher
Raw Food/Vegan Chef
My Sacred Journey

Zema Love Fire is a natural born “11” Rainbow/Indigo Healer. As a child she was extremely psychic and aware of her connection to the other side of the veil. She is the Founder/President of The Indigo School of Light, Inc. a Metaphysical Ancient Wisdom School for children and adults. She is also the Author of The New Food Culture a shopper’s guide to navigating ingredients and food labels to avoid gmo’s and other carcinogens as well as replacement lists. Zema has been certified in Holistic Healing through Queen Afua in 2004. She is also a certified Master Energy Practitioner (RMT), Acoutonic Therapist, Sound Therapist, Certified Ethereal Crystal Practitioner, Divination Reader, Heart Activator, Dream Interpreter, Candle Magic, Aura/Meridian/Chakra Repair, House/Land Clearing, Sacred Floral Baths, and Earth Keeper. Zema can be reached for consultations, workshops, certification classes, and speaking engagements.


​Yemaya Natural Muurmaid​

Muurmaid, Creator of Natural Muurmaid is a Level 3 Reiki Master, Aromatherapy Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Certified Trained Doula, and Creative Writer/Podcaster. Her passion is helping others to heal as she continues to heal herself. Healing is a life long journey that she is dedicated to and deeply embraces. She founded Melanated Mermaids in 2015 to do community outreach for high risk and underprivileged inner-city youth. She empowers and embraces women in her Muurmaid Meetups and educates while learning with women in her Muurmaid Bookclubs.

IG: naturalmuurmaid
IG: melenatedmermaids
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Greetings! I am The Priestess. My gifts are clairaudience, clairvoyance and telepathy. I was born into the craft; my gifts are passed through the maternal and paternal line. I have over 30 years’ experience reading Tarot, Talking Board, Empaca Shell and the Ancient Palo Deck. I have been featured on VH1 Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta and Bravos Southern Charm. My readings are extremely accurate and straight to the point. I never ask questions; all questions are answered as I give the reading. I’m initiated in the following Orders: Palo Monte, Haitian Vodoun and the Esoteric Order of Mary Magdala and the Divine Mother. Ordained Interfaith, Esoteric and Psychic Minister through the Esoteric Theological Seminary. I relay information concerning spiritual direction, love, work, money, health, business, career path. As a Shaman I perform spiritual work to uncross, protect, bring prosperity, love and business success, bringing change and light. My Modalities are: Tarot: Tarot allows me to read the life as a story it will give information about the people, places and things around you that impact the life. It gives direction as to the best course of action for any situation.

Palo Monte Tarot: This is a deck of cards given to me by Spirit. I was given the design and the method in which the cards should be read. The Palo Monte Tarot will give the spiritual vibration around you. It will give information regarding the spiritual consequences of your actions, decisions and associations. It will tell me how this is helping or hurting your spiritual progress and whether the ancestors are pleased with you or displeased with you.

Talking Board: The Talking Board is used with a pendulum, the pendulum swings from letter to letter spelling out your answers for you. You can either ask your question or you can have the Board speak to you. This is a very rare and accurate method of divination. It also allows me to access the Akashic Records.

Empaca Shell: The Empaca Shell is a Palo method of divination. My Empaca Shell was specially designed for me using a large seashell with a mirror attached. This allows me to see the life as a movie screen or a video. Images of people, places, and objects are shown to me to give information about the life.


Hotep Talah Amun​

I am Hu I am also known as Hotep Talah Amun, Dr. Leon Moss, Glolaud, and Omni-U LLC. I exist to assist with the awakening of humanity to the omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient self. We specialize in shifting the attention of human beings from the mind, body, person to the immortal self within all. We are aware that the greatest hinderance of humanity is thinking without awareness. This is the cause of all suffering throughout the Omniverse. I am also the author of “Discovering the Power Within” and currently writing another book entitled, “Omni-U”. We also specialize in guided meditation. We feel this is the easiest and most direct way to the greatest discovery of our time; the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient You!
HOTEP means PEACE in our Ancient Tamarean language and is also the name given to me by my spiritual guide, Yaanuwn. Once you are conscious of Inner peace it will manifest outwardly along with love, joy and abundance. Being Conscious of the absolute truth is the only remedy for the survival of the human race. This book serves as an instructional manual for proper meditation. It acts as a sort of tuning fork that will cause a shift in your consciousness. This shift will stimulate and activate your spiritual eye causing it to expand. As this happens, the vibrations of your whole light body will intensify, replenishing your physical and spiritual body down to its cellular levels. If your third eye is already opened, then reading this book will accelerate that process…
Enjoy Family…19

SACRED ​(Balashange Ashemu) ​The Mistress of Sparkle

SACRED (Tiffani Balashange Ashemu) a.k.a. the Mistress of Sparkle is a staunch cultural revolutionary, spiritual evolutionist, community organizer, artist, pro-activist, holistic healer and coach. She is from Compton California, where her family has an organic health business called Healthy Greens and began her conscious spiritual and wellness journey, at the tender age of 21, as a Psychology student at Howard University. She became disillusioned with mainstream lifestyle, went “underground”, joined a revolutionary organization, took up African spiritual culture and political studies, cut the perm out of her hair and went vegan!!

Searching for the perfect community home, she traveled the globe. Living in Washington DC; Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, CA and repatriating to Ghana, W. Africa for a decade of personal research and raising her family.  It was a powerful transformational and healing experience that she passionately shares with other African-Americans.  She utilizes this wealth of knowledge and her unique experiences in everything. 

SACRED is a Spiritual & Wellness Coach with a strong background in transpersonal psychology, traditional spiritual systems, naturopathic healing modalities, organizing, tours and travel, hospitality, branding, vegan cooking, events planning, sacred sweat lodge, divination and oracles, yoga, meditation, art therapy, sacred movement and dance – to name a few.  Sacred is the Lead Organizer for the Atlanta Chapter of Hip Hop Is Green. HHG uses the power of Hip Hop Culture to promote Health & Wellness. She is living her dreams in a healthy urban community at the Lake Claire Land Trust and joyfully serving as a Wellness Warrior at the iconic Sevananda Natural Foods Market. Sacred has successfully created a life jam-packed with everything she loves most –  holistic health & wellness, art & creativity, communal love & living, service leadership & MAGIC! 

Working with gemstones and crystals, Crystal Healing & Therapy is one of her favorite modalities.  Previously she was a crystal advisor at Phoenix and Dragon Metaphysical Store, the leading crystal store in the southeast. She has experience with many different ways to utilize the power of crystals for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balances.  Working with many customers and achieving incredible results, Sacred also uses crystals for personal reasons — with mind-blowing outcomes! 

SACRED CO-CRE8IONS COLLAGES art collection is an expression of her special relationship to the crystal world.  She birthed these unique and spiritually-inspired multi-media pieces that for added vibrational potency, are embedded with gemstones. With proper placement, they balance feng shui and raise positive energies. Sacred shares practical ways crystals can empower goals, improve life and increase magic!


FB: ​Tiffani Balashange Ashemu

Steffanie Haggins
​Health & Wellness Coach

StudioSteffanie empowers people who struggle with weight-loss challenges and low energy levels.  She helps them with her program that inspires them make healthier food choices, specific exercise routines, and increase their energy levels because life is meant to be enjoyed.
StudioSteffanie is a certified life coach, celebrity master trainer, yoga instructor, published author, and an inspirational speaker.  She is also a member of the National Association of Professional Women and is a graduate of the Department of Juvenile Justice Inaugural Citizens’ Academy.  StudioSteffanie is a vibrant and energetic presenter in the area of health and wellness. She enjoys the process of educating individuals on a full range of areas inspiring participants to consider their role in achieving optimal health in all areas of their life. 
She schedules seminars, workshops, webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions that cater to people who want to feel free and to balance their work/life routines.  She teaches yoga and stress management with inmates in the State of Georgia regularly with the local county’s juveniles, and also works with the mentally challenged.  She has been a member of CSA (Center for Spiritual Awareness) since 2001.  She is also the author of the self-help workbook, “Image Is Everything!” What Does Your Image Say About You?  to help facilitate workshops that cater to ladies’ uplifting their self-esteem; this workbook is a must!


Ribqah Brown Ribbies Body Treats

Beauty companies are still lagging in cosmetic care for people of color and product preparations that take ethnic skin into consideration.  Therefore, most products do more harm than good.  Ribqah Brown prefers to stick with natural ingredients when it comes to placing products on her skin. Since 2009 Ribqah Brown, owner of Ribbies Body Treats, has been creating her own naturally scented bath salts, soaps, and scrubs for her family and friends that smell wonderful.  Due to popular demand, she now sells all over the country.  These scents will blow you away because she uses the best natural scents to inspire your nose while taking care of yourself.  Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, she has been inspired by her late grandmother on how to formulate and make the best products for our skin. 
When it comes to skin care, it’s not one size fits all.  No one knows that better than people of color who often have specialized skin issues that go unaddressed by popular skin-care brands.  Melanin-rich skin is disproportionately expected to have excess oil, hyperpigmentation, acne and eczema.  So thorough research and careful reading of the labels on various products are so important when it comes to finding a regimen that works for our skin.  Ribqah Brown has also been a world renowned artist since 1995 and has been utilizing her creativity since then.

Etsy: RibbiesBodyTreatsCo 


Nuith is a force of nature, to say the least. A humble upbringing and life experience have laid a stellar foundation for this Trinidadian muse.  Blessing Atlanta with her debut as a metalsmith, graphic designer and photographer in 2016, she channeled unbound energy and a limitless mindset to capture the hearts of an impressive following in no time. Always grateful, she freely expresses gratitude without hesitation. Powerful sense of self coupled with passion for sharing elevated vibrations with other creatives, the aforementioned are but a few of Nuith’s strong suits. 

Each unique expression of her Royal Designz stands alone in its beauty.  Her custom pieces are impeccably detailed. Perpetually engaged in keeping the brand innovative and fresh, her work is no less than breathtaking. Nuith’s ultimate goal is to display the power of our collective thoughts through her life and creativity. The catalyst to the strength and aesthetically pleasing abilities of our soul tribe, an opportunity to intermingle energies with the embodiment of Nuith never disappoints.

Royal Designz (creative aspect)
IG: @royal_designz_ca

MAHAVIDYA Dani, Ashley & Chrissy

We are a group of three practitioners, known as the Mahavidya. Our space will consist of Tarot Readings, Guided Womb Meditations, Yoni Eggs, Handmade Dressed Candles and Oils, and Rings depicting Ganesha, the Hindu/Buddhist deity (Remover of Obstacles).
My name is Dani Simone, also known as The Mystic Model! I am an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Women’s Empowerment Advocate, and Wellness Event Curator based in Atlanta. My Tarot journey started back in 2014 after experiencing a major shakeup in my life that led me deeper into my relationship with Spirit and my life’s calling. After spending a few years reading Tarot for myself and close friends, I decided to launch my services as The Mystic Model in 2017.
Around this time, I began using Yoni eggs as a part of my spiritual journey. This ancient, feminine practice has helped me grow in self-love, heal sexual shame & trauma, and empower me creatively. In June 2018, I began studying under Grace Díaz to become a certified Yoni egg coach and distributor. I am excited to share this transformational healing modality to help other women awaken to the power of their womb, create the life of their dreams and heal their lives through sacred, sexual energy. My Yoni egg services include certified GIA Yoni eggs for sale as well as coaching sessions to help you along your journey.
Ashley, also known as Cash was introduced to the Holistic Healthcare world in 2015, while searching for ways to help lower her family’s rate of diabetes and high blood pressure without the constant use of prescription medication. She studied Holistic Nutrition with the American College of Healthcare Science And is using her knowledge to connect the threads between physical, emotional & spiritual wellness and present it in a way that’s fun, relatable and easy to maintain.
Chrissy is an energy worker who’s focus is empowering other women to be the subject matter expert of their own spirituality.  Through guided womb meditations, sacred ritual, divination, and other spiritual modalities, she teaches others to identify and strengthen their own self-healing medicine, that comes directly from Divine wisdom.



Nalia Spivey is an up and coming certified Vibrational Sound Therapist in Atlanta, GA. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Georgia as well as a Level 3 Reiki Practitioner. Her vision is to bring people together to harmonize through Sound. She plays Crystal Singing Bowls as well as Himalayan Bowls to bring about a relaxing environment so that the body will be able to heal itself. Sunday nights at 9 pm EDT she plays her bowls on IG live. (@nalia.moc). She is also available for sound, massage, and reiki sessions in the Atlanta area.  

IG: @nalia.moc
FB: nalia.moc.8

​VIGOR & GEMS Rebekah Jackson

​I AM Rebekah Jackson. I was born and raised and still reside in Southwest Atlanta. I am passionate about the arts and creative expression. From as far back as I can remember I have been creating art out of anything I could get my hands on, from cutting snowflake designs out of computer paper, to repurposing old clothes. I studied fashion design after high school and I am a self-taught jewelry designer. I value uniqueness and authenticity. It is important to share how art has saved me from myself during my darkest moments. Looking forward, my goal is to share my experience and my skills with youth and adults as an outlet for emotional and spiritual healing. 

Vigor & Gems is a business concept I developed to facilitate creative expression. The definition of vigor is physical strength and good health. My purpose is to create and design unique one of a kind accessories that are gender free, healing, and expressive. I cater to those who are seeking spiritual, emotional, and physical healing outside of the societal boxes we have been placed in.  Cultural and self-awareness are the goals I work toward in every piece I create and share. Each piece is handcrafted with love and uniquely, intuitively inspired for healing the heart, mind, and body. 

Were you at THE FIRST NATURAL MYSTIC FAIR in 2011? ​These beloveds were… ​Join our mystic journey this year!

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