Our Rawsome 2017 Speakers
highlighted how to live a
​healthy and wealthy lifestyle!
“Your Wealth is Your Health”

Meet our 2017 Speakers!!

Abundance Child ~ “Your Food & Politics”
Drop Squad Kitchen ​

          “Drop Squad,” was a 1994 Spike Lee produced film that “…depicts a team of African Americans who kidnap fellow black people who have betrayed their community and seek to “deprogram” them so that they will change their ways.” ~Wikipedia
          Our kitchen is in alignment with our name. Our mission is to build Drop Squad Kitchen as a manifestation of our family values. In this wilderness of the Standard American Diet, our kitchen represents a new beginning for food, business, and community…unapologetically!!
          Chef AC understands vegetarian, vegan, alkaline and raw eating methodologies, and she can guide the way for you. The food is all plant-based, local and organic when possible. You’ll find falafel burgers, “meat” entrées made from seitan and other veggie-based protein products, unreal smoothies and herbal teas.

928 Justison Street
Wilmington, DE 9801


Kennise Elder ~ “Agriculture Economics”
Georgia Roots Urban Farm / ​Founder,  Plant Scientist 

​Kennise Elder is an Atlanta native.  She studied plant science/ Horticulture at Fort Valley State University.  These studies included courses such as Botany, soil science, and agriculture economics. During her time at the University, she helped to develop a 20-acre organic farm research plot.  Kennise also worked with the USDA/Natural Resource Conservation in the state of California, which is the largest agriculture producer in the United States.  Her training also includes several Growing Power workshops with the urban agriculture guru Will Allen.

Kennise is currently developing Georgia Roots Urban Farm, LLC which an urban farm focusing on growing and providing local foods to the community for the purpose of higher quality nutrition and taste. She will be speaking on monetizing food. The talk will deal with the role that agriculture plays in being excellent for our health and our wealth. Kennise will speak on the general agricultural economy, and how the community can reap the benefits of this economy.



 “Healthy Shopping on a Budget”

Sevananda Co-op

​Born in Washington, D.C., and moving to Atlanta as a teenager, Ifini Sheppard considers herself a true ATLien. Learning about healthy living, from the Rastafarian influence of ITAL livity, she has been a vegetarian for almost 30 years and a vegan for over ten. LOL ~ Some people consider her the “vegan food police” because of her passion for sharing with others the knowledge about a healthier way of eating!

During the course of her many years in Atlanta, she often shopped at Sevananda and grew to love the iconic Co-Op, and of course becoming a member owner. In March of 2010 she was hired as a cashier and went on to work the Customer Service Desk. When a position in the Marketing Department became available, she applied and the rest is history. Sistar Ifini was an Assistant in Sevananda’s Marketing Department and among her varied duties, she coordinated Outreach, Store Demos, the Be The Change Program and the Artist Alliance Program. Since April 2017, she has evolved into a new position, Community Relations & Education Liaison. A perfect opportunity to spread good will and knowledge.

Her topic for the 5th Annual Wonderful Wizards of Raw will be “Pay Now or Pay Later ~ Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget”. As a single mother raising 3 children, Sistar Ifini learned how to shop healthy on a limited budget. She will share her knowledge of what to look for when shopping at regular grocery stores, as well as specialty markets like Sevananda. With an emphasis on reading food labels and what to be aware of regarding conscious food choices, this promises to be an informative and enlightening talk.
(404)681-2831 ext. 122


“Your Health Is Your Wealth!”

Tassili’s Raw Reality 

Tassili Ma’at is the owner of Tassili’s Raw Reality, a raw vegan restaurant located in the Historic West End of Atlanta, GA. She has lived in Atlanta for almost 30 years, but she was born in Houston, Texas. Her family moved to San Diego when she was five. Tassili’s mother was a gourmet cook at home and her father was a medical doctor. Tassili is the mother of five wonderful people and grandmother of five bright shining stars. She holds a Bachelors Degree of Fine Art from the University of California, San Diego, 1988 and is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Certified Master Raw Food Chef. Tassili’s “un-cook book”, “Passion on a Plate” is available. She also conducts monthly Raw Alchemy Classes and annually she hosts “The Natural Mystic Fair” in the Fall and 1st Saturdays in June, “The Wonderful Wizards of Raw Food Extravaganza” and the next day on Sunday, Part II with relevant documentaries and a motocade to an ancestrial ritual at Cascade Nature Preserve. The events are held in the backyard of the restaurant, once again reflecting Tassili’s commitment to enlightening the community.
Tassili has taken her entrepreneurial spirit which she had since childhood and combined it with her life’s purpose of nourishing others by creating businesses that provide services that nurture and counsel both physically and emotionally. Her “livity” or life’s purpose is to assist in the upliftment of humanity through her works. She seeks to empower people by inspiring, educating, and helping them to help themselves achieve and maintain a holistically healthy life, this includes a healthy body, mind, spirit, and soul.

Contact: 404.480.0364